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  • 瑞明集团创业于1991年,现有职工3000余人,经过多年的创新发展,拥有温州、柳州、上海等生产研发基地,现已成为占地700余亩的中国汽车发动机零部件自主研发领军企业。


    瑞明始终坚持以客户为中心、以科技为先导,以创新为旗帜。经过不断发展,客户群体囊括95%的国内自主汽车品牌和合资品牌、国外品牌。2017年公司主导产品年产达500万套,其相当于国内每5辆乘用车就有1辆发动机缸盖由瑞明生产。缸盖产品外部料废综合不良率仅为千分之三, 达到了国际一流水平,发动机核心部件智能制造技术走在了中国前沿。公司将立足汽车发动机铝部件行业,开发新能源汽车三电系统壳体、轻量化变速箱壳体等产品。



    RUIMING GROUP was established in 1991, which owned over 3000 employees and the production and R&D bases in Wenzhou, Liuzhou Shanghai etc. with the years' innovation and development. Now, RUIMING is the lead engine parts company in China occupied over 700 acres of land.

    We have obtained four casting processes, which individually are the gravity casting, low pressure casting, high pressure casting and sand casting. We have accumulated over 30-year experience in the core technology of the key aluminum engine parts research and development and owned more than 100 kinds of proprietary intellectual property rights. RUIMING is the first-class professional enterprise, which gathered the new material research, 3D priting, mold design, casting process and mechanical machining into one. RUIMING GROUP was honored as the National Key High-Tech Enterprise, the National Validated Enterprise Technology Center, the National Post-doctoral Science Research Institution, the China Patent Excellence Reward, the China Famous Brand and the Zhejiang Province Tech Reward etc. RUIMING always stick to the principle of the Customer-Centered, Science and Technology First and Innovation-Bannered. We owned 95% domestic OEM brands and part of the joint ventures and foreign brands with our development. In 2007, our main product, the cylinder head, was sold more than 5 million pieces, which means that, in every 5 cars, 1 engine is assembled our cylinder head. Our external quality rate of cylinder head is under 0.3%, which comes up to the international industry level. Our intelligent manufacturing technology have stepped into the leading position in China. We will foot on the engine aluminum parts to develop new energy housings and light-weight gearboxes and so on.

    RUIMING always confirm the core idea of Morality always Comes before Performance and to motive the economy, to simulate the positive development of the industry as a leading company. We are working to build a world-class vehicle parts enterprise.

    New age put forward the new development and great transformation ask for new energy. RUIMING GROUP, listed into the National Intelligent Manufacturing Project in 2016, is launching her own intelligent road with the high value-added line and lean production under the innovative manufacturing mode. We tightly grasped the golden key depended on the independent R&D intelligent manufacturing technology. We will built a first-class motor light-weight key parts intelligent industry park occupied about 380 acres land so that to push forward the rapid development of the Chinese motor parts.